Boom Times

First off, let me apologize for the lack of updates to the Daily Mets Blog, as I have been rather busy lately.  However, let me assure you that I am just as Mets-obsessed as ever, perhaps even more so now that we are officially (at least for today) the best team in Major League Baseball, record wise.  I went to all three games against the Brewers this weekend and came away pretty pleased with what I saw.  Even following the Mets taking two of three in this series, Milwaukee is 7-5, and probably the first relatively strong team the Mets have played this year.

Here are some observations from the three game series:

  • Carlos Beltran is back!  Despite missing Sunday’s game with a minor hamstring problem, the Mets center fielder is doing everything I expected from him.  He has the second highest on base percentage on the team (.422), by far the most walks (10), seen the most pitches (204), already stolen two bases without getting caught, has the second most home runs on the team (3), and is tied with Jose Reyes for the most runs scored (13).
  • David Wright and Carlos Delgado are as good (or better) than expected.  Wright is hitting .429.  His OPS is 1.235.  Plus he’s Mr. Clutch.  Delgado, aside from the strikeouts (12), is hitting tremendously, and his fielding has been much better than expected.
  • Pitching is inconsistent.  Brian Bannister needed over 110 pitches to work 5 innings yesterday, in a thoroughly Al Leiter performance.  With the exception of Chad Bradford and Duaner Sanchez, the bullpen has been up and down.  Billy Wagner hasn’t been gotten as many strikeouts as expected, and has gotten hit pretty hard.  Aaron Heilman has had two rocky outings.  Darren Oliver has had two rough games in a row.  Jorge Julio looks like a disastor.  With that said, Tom Glavine looks amazing, and the rest of the staff looks pretty solid, Steve Trachsel aside.

Huge three game series against Atlanta tonight.  We are four games up, let’s keep it going.




    I watch every game on tv and keep my own score book and team stats. I’ve been doing this for nearly thirty years, only for my Mets. So I’ve been up and down with them as much as any fan. I am so excited coming into this season, and getting more excited by the day. Generally, I agree completely with your player comments. However, I gotta say that Delgado, twice yesterday, showed us a little of the one thing we, the Mets fans, have to worry about….his deficiency as a first-baseman. It’s not as bad (yet) as I expected it to be, but it’s early. Yes, we got him for his bat, not his glove. But that glove has as much potential to lose games as the bat has to win them. I just hope he maintains the level of play he’s shown up until yesterday, and that yesterday is not a harbinger of worse things to come from him. But, to not bash him unfairly, I do have to comment that the one guy whose fielding has looked really suspect so far in this young season is Reyes. What’s up with that ???? It’s not what we came to expect from him. And Cliff Floyd looks like he just woke up from a coma and doesn’t even know who he is. How many balls has he actually caught out there in left field this season? Most of them drop in front of him with no sign of hustle to get them at all. I’ve loved Floyd and his gritty play and determination these past few years. But this year he seems so tired and bored. What do you think?

  2. Stuart

    Thanks for the comment. You are right that Delgado’s track record as a fielder is not impressive at all, but I think that his offense more than compensates for it. So far his defense has exceeded my expectations. As for Reyes, his 3 errors are a cause for concern, but I’m willing to give him a little more time. You are absolutely right about Floyd, and I should have mentioned him in the post. He was due to underperform a tad after last year’s amazing season, but it was unthinkable that he would be hitting .182. His defense was a little overrated last year, but it was still a great improvement over 2004. I think (and certainly hope) that he is giving 100% out there, because he has always been a very dedicated player. You are right that he isn’t getting to nearly as many fly balls this year, and combined with his 9 strikeouts, I think there is cause for concern.

    Great to hear from you, and I’m glad that someone else out there obsessively keeps a score book too.


    I appreciate the update– I hope that you continue to do so daily. How’d you enjoy pulling a page out of my book and attending all 3 games this wkd? I do not, however, appreciate the gripes about the B.R.D. (Floyd) — it’s only been 11 games, and he has earned himself way more leverage by being the heart and soul of the team the past two years. His courageous diving attempt in the dirt yesterday for the foul ball should put an end to all “he’s not giving 100%” chatter too. I predict he begins to turn it around tonight against Atlanta. Big Series! Pedro goes for 200!


    George a.k.a. BRD

    p.s. – Marlon Anderson is not playing very good ball for the Nats at this time… let’s hope he can get it together…

  4. Stuart

    I defended the charge that Floyd hasn’t been giving 100%, and will continue to do so. However, his dive yesterday was not for a foul ball, but rather for a fairly routine fly ball that he missed, resulting in a ground rule double. His defense is in decline, but you are absolutely right that it is too early to pass any real judgement on him. I certainly hope he gets it together, and I expect him too perform decently this year.

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