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And We’re Back

Let me first off apologize for taking almost a year off.  I won’t get into details as to why that happened, but the long and short of it is that maintaining a blog as a hobby and not a full-time job isn’t easy.  However, I am back for the 2007 season and hoping that I (and the Mets) can last just a little bit longer than last year.  Last season was so inspiring and the off-season so brutally long that Sunday’s return of the regular season found me as ready for baseball as I have ever been.  The game itself certainly left me pumped for 161 more in the regular season.  Vintage Glavine on the mound combined with nine hits off of one of baseball’s best starters, capped off with two great defensive plays that saved at least three runs was a recipe so perfect it made yesterday’s off day especially unpleasant.  But the Mets will return this evening to play another important game (of course I consider all games against teams like the Cardinals important) with Orlando Hernandez out to prove that despite his age and health concerns he can still be a valuable #2 starter.

Well I’m glad to have gotten the first post since last May out of the way and I look forward to many more.


Mets Buzz & News 3/29/06

It looks like Billy Wagner will pitch in the final game of Spring Training against the Cardinals on Saturday. Wagner had no problems in his bullpen session yesterday, and the possibility lingers that he could even make an appearance in today’s game against Atlanta.

It looks like the battle for the final spot in the bullpen has come down to a fight between Pedro Feliciano and Heath Bell. Juan Perez was cut yesterday, and Jose Lima and Yusaku Iriki pitched poorly in yesterday’s loss to the Marlins. The word is that Feliciano has got the upper hand because he’s a lefty, but there is still an outside chance that both pitchers could make the team.

Xavier Nady has been slumping terribly as of late. He has one hit in his last twenty-eight at bats, and his average has plummeted to .250. Adam Rubin writes that this could lead to the Mets keeping Victor Diaz around as insurance, if Nady’s cold streak continues into the regular season.

Kaz Matsui has been placed on the 15-day DL, retroactive March 18th. This means Matsui could return as soon as April 8th. However, Willie Randolph looks like he has made his decision to go with Anderson Hernandez at second base, over Matsui and Jeff Keppinger, who got sent back to Norfolk yesterday.

Ready To Go

With the Mets season just a little over a week away, the time seems right to begin a daily journal of what many see as one of the most promising teams for the franchise in years. The Daily Mets Blog will seek to provide insight, updates, news, and emotion right through the topsy-turvy six month roller coaster ride that is the Major League Baseball regular season.