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Nervous, Desperate Yankee Fans Unite With Mets-Haters To Bash Wagner & Mets

After listening to WFAN’s drive-time radio show, Mike and the Maddog, over the past couple of days one could not help but laugh. However frustrating it was to listen to Mike Francesa ramble and Chris Russo splutter with faux indignation about the song Billy Wagner chooses to play when entering a ball game, it was pretty humorous. The “controversy” is that Wagner’s theme music when jogging in from the bullpen is Metalica’s “Enter Sandman”, the same song Yankee closer Mariano Rivera chooses to play. Despite the fact that Wagner has been playing the song since 1997, the same year Rivera began to use it, and that Rivera has said that he has no problem with the Wagner’s use of the song, the Mets-hating drive-time duo have seized upon this issue to try to distract Wagner’s impressive debut on Monday, in which he closed out a 3-2 Mets win.

But of course Russo and Francesa won’t take issue with Wagner – who has over 285 career saves and is considered by all to be one of the premier closers in baseball – but instead return to their favorite whipping post: the Mets. Russo refers to the Mets as “lame” for allowing Wagner to use the song he has had for the last 8 years. Today, however, Russo was in for a surprise when his own producer and Yankee fan Mark Malusis, who Russo had called on for back up on the issue, stated that he had no problem with Wagner using the song.

Let’s not let this distract us. Instead focus on going 2-0 tonight, as that will really get them mad. Hopefully the evening will end with our “sandman” putting the Nationals to sleep for his second save of the year.