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Daily Mets Podcast #2

The Show: Daily Mets Podcast

The Hosts: Stuart Johnson and George Embiricos

The Content:  In this week’s episode, we welcome co-host George Embiricos (Big Red Dog) on board, and take a look back at the Mets solid 4-2 week.  We also discuss the bevy of pitching trades that were made by Omar Minaya, and Kaz Matsui’s incompetence.  Also Stuart reviews Baseball Between The Numbers.

Running Time: 12:50

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Daily Mets Podcast #1

In the inaugural Daily Mets Podcast, we take a look at the first two games of the Yankees series, and how they represented the highest of the highs, and the lowest of the lows in the Mets’ season.  Also we’ll examine the injuries to the Mets’ pitching staff, and what steps the Mets are taking to try to mend the back end of the rotation.