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Boom Times

First off, let me apologize for the lack of updates to the Daily Mets Blog, as I have been rather busy lately.  However, let me assure you that I am just as Mets-obsessed as ever, perhaps even more so now that we are officially (at least for today) the best team in Major League Baseball, record wise.  I went to all three games against the Brewers this weekend and came away pretty pleased with what I saw.  Even following the Mets taking two of three in this series, Milwaukee is 7-5, and probably the first relatively strong team the Mets have played this year.

Here are some observations from the three game series:

  • Carlos Beltran is back!  Despite missing Sunday’s game with a minor hamstring problem, the Mets center fielder is doing everything I expected from him.  He has the second highest on base percentage on the team (.422), by far the most walks (10), seen the most pitches (204), already stolen two bases without getting caught, has the second most home runs on the team (3), and is tied with Jose Reyes for the most runs scored (13).
  • David Wright and Carlos Delgado are as good (or better) than expected.  Wright is hitting .429.  His OPS is 1.235.  Plus he’s Mr. Clutch.  Delgado, aside from the strikeouts (12), is hitting tremendously, and his fielding has been much better than expected.
  • Pitching is inconsistent.  Brian Bannister needed over 110 pitches to work 5 innings yesterday, in a thoroughly Al Leiter performance.  With the exception of Chad Bradford and Duaner Sanchez, the bullpen has been up and down.  Billy Wagner hasn’t been gotten as many strikeouts as expected, and has gotten hit pretty hard.  Aaron Heilman has had two rocky outings.  Darren Oliver has had two rough games in a row.  Jorge Julio looks like a disastor.  With that said, Tom Glavine looks amazing, and the rest of the staff looks pretty solid, Steve Trachsel aside.

Huge three game series against Atlanta tonight.  We are four games up, let’s keep it going.